Tigish shoes factory: Wholesale Shoes Manufacturers in Vietnam

[TG] TIGISH  is a processing plant of woman shoes in Viet Nam, producer and wholesalers  VNXK shoe products with a large quantity throughout the provinces in Vietnam.




We specialize in manufacturing and distributing items: sandal shoes, high heel shoes, canoe shoes, sandals, clogs, all leather shoes, slip on shoes, ... with  prices  extremely reasonable.




  • Tigish women's footwear factory receives production and wholesale shoes  with minimum quantity are 5 pairs of the same color, size from 35 to 39.
  • For available models, guests cannot change size of shoes.
  • For samples that cutumers  request for producing  are a minimum number of 30 pairs/sample
  • All products are warranted and as well as cunsumers who, in the case of receiving a faulty product, can return the item or have it replaced.
  • In addition, our shoes  factory also received the design of shoes samples, prints the trademark and supports the monopoly production of orders for customers of shoes.

Over 20 skilled workers and dedicated consultants, Tigish shoe factory  hopes to soon cooperate with you. Any order information please contact:


Tigish shoe factory:


Hotline: 0938.112.997


Office address: 182/25/3 Le Van Sy, Ward 10, Phu Nhuan


Processing plant: Thoi Tam Thon, Hoc Mon, Ho Chi Minh City


Email: tigishoes@gmail.com


Website: www.tigish.com


Facebook: www.facebook.com/xuonggiaytigish


Support staff: 0964.913.416


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